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Seamless Showers Design and Installation Sacramento
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Seamless Shower Specialists

Bathing is that one little daily ritual that should allow us to escape from the world, take care of ourselves, and relax. Too often, however, we find ourselves defaulting to a quick wash-off in an ugly, old-fashioned shower stall with leaky doors and moldy caulk. But not anymore. Seamless showers are the beautiful, modern solution to the age-old shower problem. With seamless showers, your daily ritual of bathing can become your daily indulgent retreat.

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With perfect, sleek lines, seamless showers are clean and free of grout, caulk, and metal frames that attract mold and residues, meaning your shower is clean and sanitary for years to come.

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Seamless showers are designed with modern aesthetics in mind. While older shower stalls are made with rickety, ugly plastics, seamless showers are designed for beauty, with contemporary materials and modern designs.


With seamless showers, when you remove the need for harsh grout cleaning and mold killing chemicals in your home, you end up protecting your family from the dangerous, noxious fumes and risk of exposure that are so evident on the warning labels of those products.


Seamless showers offer an eco-friendly showering solution that is three-fold, with a freedom from harsh cleaning chemicals, an introduction to sustainable and eco-friendly materials in the shower, and an assurance that seamless showers last years longer than plastic shower stalls.

where to find us

1520 Silica Avenue

Sacramento, CA 95815

(916) 929-4597